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Get in a good raiding guild.

I have 3 50's and still have yet to do some of the advanced operations because I am not active enough in my guilds or just am not on when raids occur. I have never completed TFB, and finished EC only once with my 50 Marauder. (This explains why I am full Rakata only on my assassin and partial Rakata on my Marauder).

As far as SM operations go, you can get in with guild runs or even PUGs. KP and EV are pretty straightforward once you've run them once or twice, and you can access them from the group finder.

I ALWAYS tell people upfront whether I am new to the raid or not, and it helps a lot. Same with flashpoints. I have a relatively new 50 tank, and it is really hard getting better gear even with HM flashpoints. I find that UNLESS I say upfront I am a new tank, people just quit the group if there is a wipe or any hint of a wipe.

There are always jerks who abuse noobs, but that's true of anything in life. 99% of SWTOR players I've been teamed with are very helpful and fun.
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