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(If there is already a post about this I apolgize)

Iím not a MMO veteran. TOR is my first one and I still have a lot to learn. Iím leveling a scoundrel and I think Iím doing a pretty good job. Currently at lvl 27, Iíve spent more time doing FP and heroics than anything else (Athiss has been forever engrained in my brain). I feel my gear is pretty good and my crit heals are regularly 1,300+ (not sure if thatís good either butÖ.). I have a long way to go until 50 but I feel if I continue doing what Iím doing, I should have a good healer by the then.

The problem is Iíve been told that when you reach it, you hit a big wall thatís almost impossible to get over. That groups donít want first timers with them during their OPS, even in SM, because of lack of familiarity with fights and not having good enough gear.

So I have a question, how does a brand new lvl 50 get experience/gear from the OPS, if no one helps them? I do hear about dailies, but like I said Iím new, so I donít know much about them. I also know a little bit about guilds but Iím afraid there might be too much of a commitment. I also heard you need a voice chat. I checked out Vent but don't know anything about it either....

Can someone give me advice on what I can do now/later to get over this wall? Iíve read a lot about the endgame OPS and would love to be able to do them. It sounds like the best part of this game!