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03.25.2013 , 11:29 AM | #3193
Wow, disappointing. I shouldn't be surprised you took the easy, cheap way out of this. People who valued population over ping have already rolled on US servers, but not the ones you are merging into necessarily. My "preferred play-style" is not to have stupidly high latency and be instantly (well not quite) at a disadvantage. So you're removing the only good thing about APAC (besides the people <3) the latency, and replacing it with an option we already had, playing on a US server.

Thanks for not leading us on into the expansion though this makes it a nice clean break. Seems I'll be going to work more rested in the coming months!

I have to say it, you guys have handled this awfully. This is worse than doing nothing, which you proved you are pretty awesome at. Best of luck everyone /wave