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03.25.2013 , 10:28 AM | #11
The two issues are actually very related.

If I've popped for my random to a FP that is way below me level wise (which happens frequently because I usually play a tank or healer), then I have zero incentive to do all of the trash mobs. I have slightly more incentive to do the bonuses as I at least get XP for those. I will be getting no gear, little XP and I'm killing the XP for the other people in the group. That being said I frequently will not accept a way too low level mission if I'm on my tank or heals as I know I can requeue and get in pretty quickly. But if I've waited 20 mins to get a group pop I'm going to take that one, blast through it as quickly as possible to get the random reward and move onto another toon....

However, I will point out that learning how to skip the trash mobs in the sub 50 regular modes prepares you well for skipping things post 50....