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03.25.2013 , 06:42 AM | #58
Ive been playing my sniper since day one, and i also have a lowbie sniper for some fun.

Now in lowbie ive come across some of these new snipers and OMG they are seriously free kills. A descent sniper has to leanr alot, every single ability more or less is needed to be a top sniper.

Those that have every single class more or less now rolling a sniper, u seriously think they going to be as good as them that play sniper every day more or less since day one lol

Making posts like this is going to cause more to actually roll what they think is a fotm class just like when smash anti posts started so now u going to have x amount of gimped snipers running around that havnt got a bloody clue since it actually takes skill to be a good sniper.

and as pointed out having to many snipers in a group is a group gimp. I hate pug games where theres loads of snipers an dno melee means we going to get slaughtered. although most fun game of huttball i ever had was two teams of mostly snipers, finished 0-0 anyone approached ball died lol
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