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03.25.2013 , 04:45 AM | #27
The trouble I had to go through today just to be able to extend my sub, due to the errors here on the site.

1. Visited every store in town, all out on timecards. To be honest, i don't think they're keeping them in stock anymore. Both Gamestop and a big electronics store seem to think that the game is F2P only.

2. Tried to order it from the bigger, more wellknown sites over here. Non in stock.

3. Went through a couple of other fairly wellknown sites just to realize that I had to activate some new security thing on my card. I've never had to use that before. At first I thought it was the sites that was acting up so this was after I had created accounts on a few of them in an attempt to buy the damn time card.

4. Sign in to e-bank to activate the new security thing on my card.

5. Back to one of the sites that actually had the time card in stock. Will be delivered in 1-3 days, most likely 3 and after that my sub has run out.

Great! I must have spent hours on this crap now but from what I've heard it'll take hours with support too, not to mention that it would cost more to call them.