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Enemies is such a strong word... I prefer 'people I just don't particularly like'. Yeah every server has them but there seems to be a higher proportion of them here for some reason... or maybe the low pop just makes them a lot more noticeable... either way, I'd rather just be rid of them.

But to think that BW would scrap APAC servers for me? Really when have I ever said that? No I just want the choice to play on the server of MY choice, because you know, it's my game experience afterall, I should be able to choose where I want to have it and not be forced onto a server because other people want to justify it's existence.

If there's no population for APAC as a result of people choosing what server they want to play on, then there is not enough support for an APAC server. Simple really.
Are you afraid someone will gank you or something and ruin your immersion? As stated you can /ignore and move along.

Who don't you like? It's a game, you don't know the person personally. shouldn't come to "they should just be gotten rid of." I've seen your posts. You just come across as ignorant. That kid in kindergarten who always played the sweetheart on the outside and got to play with the cool toys but deep down was just evil manipulating people to their that RP enough for you? Do I qualify enough to be on the same server as you?
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