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03.24.2013 , 09:00 PM | #3163
Enemies is such a strong word... I prefer 'people I just don't particularly like'. Yeah every server has them but there seems to be a higher proportion of them here for some reason... or maybe the low pop just makes them a lot more noticeable... either way, I'd rather just be rid of them.

But to think that BW would scrap APAC servers for me? Really when have I ever said that? No I just want the choice to play on the server of MY choice, because you know, it's my game experience afterall, I should be able to choose where I want to have it and not be forced onto a server because other people want to justify it's existence.

If there's no population for APAC as a result of people choosing what server they want to play on, then there is not enough support for an APAC server. Simple really.