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Macro has been reposting that for many, many months. I'm sure BW has seen it.

Some of us (myself included) think he's probably at least partially right, some don't. Either way, nothing will change. If he's wrong, BW shrugs - something else was to blame for the mindboggling balance changes.

If he's right however, and despite his pointing out the flaws, BW have continued to rely heavily on this methodology for so long, then they are utterly wedded to it. Their stat analysis has become such a sacred cow, that no matter how many people poke wide gaping holes in it, nothing will change.
He is at least 70% right man, we know that. Another thing we could add to his reasoning is that BW "confounds" single target DPS and AoE DPS.

Example? Well, a lot of people /bow to sages being "best healers in PvP high HPS bro", but forgot that a lot of the sages HPS comes from salvation, with is an PvE AoE splash spell. That severely cripples us for PvP because we look good in the numbers game but thats splash heals not counter burst heals, and we know how dominant the balance between burst / counter burst in PvP is.

Example 2. Smash.

They also seem to account for "raw" HPS / DPS numbers, not taking into account DMG taken / kills death ratio or damage per death ratio. If they did this they would see some classes are getting the shaft, merc is one of them.

They also, for some obscure reason, think that off heals are incredibly powerfull and taunts are not. Which is basically a flipside. Taunts are instant and cost almost ZERO resources while off-heals are neat but the DPS actually needs to stop and cast them, while also costing a severe chunk on resources.
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