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I must say I agree with this to an extent. Story Mode FPs, especially sub 50 ones are for XP, loot and some comms. I was abhorred the last time I ran Foundry and someone insisted we skip the bonuses! I suspect that group finder isn't entirely to blame though, it has a lot to do with the game being over a year old at this point and people on alts playing just like they're 50.

Aside from that, I do think that GF should lower the maximum level you can queue for most FPs. At the top end of the level range you get no XP from the trash mobs and only minimal XP from the bosses while also lowering everyone else's XP by a large margin. Atleast it tells you what level everyone is before you accept the group. I decline groups that have anyone more that 2 levels above me and I decline groups that I'm more than 4 levels above someone. I don't like getting greatly reduced XP and I don't like forcing that on other players.
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