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Nazdika, if, like me, your friend is in SL, then you must know its a very expensive game/world, I spent over 6 years 2500 in it, For land, leases, hundreds of clothes, weapons, ships, Concorde harriers, Aircraft & For urban combat and Gorean sims. SL remains broken 80% of the time, and as my main pastime was owning airports and sailing in Blakes Seas areas, the constant failure to actually get to any destination, made me leave it altogether, I mean I was paying nearly 28 A week for half sim, and Linden Labs kindly lost one of my buildings overnight.

How anyone can complain about the tiny sub of 8 ish per month here & get 500 cartel coins as well each month gratis, is beyond me. look at games in comparison, EA battlefields online, You have to keep paying for upgrades to health, and tank armour and other boosts all the time. Dark Orbit I used to play, bleeds you slowly out of .
When you think That me and partner probably spent 20 a month on coins even on facebook games, Im extremely happy for the value for money as a subscriber This game gives.
This amazing game, is even better than EVE online, its not so technical, You have your own ship, at some point,, on world missions, and offworld fleet battles to, not to mention the warzones, which I love, although Liked the WoW ones as well. The other point, is, ok some guilds are not quite what some people want out a guild, But, hey. I got Aric to keep me company and my ships droid, which I just been sending out on missions to scavenge, and then Aric does some Armstech, The droid does his best LOL, quite funny moments in here, plus some baddies, that want to melt you into crushed metal, altogther, one of the few games, i really got my teeth into at a price i can afford