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Fixed that for you, news flash...not everyone thinks the PT is bad..get over it, its all opinion in the end, it isn't fact so deal with it.
It's not so much that the PT was bad so much that it was sloppily executed and the result was so.... average. The potential existed for such an epic story, and what we got was something much more muddled and unclear.

Lucas' original vision (that he expressed in interviews and early drafts of the stories back in the late seventies) would have given us a sweeping drama of political maneuverings and warfare centered around Obi-Wan Kenobi. The actual result was just so disconnected and ... disappointing.

However, the visuals were spectacular and the lightsaber fights were brilliantly choreographed. But that's not enough, as Lucas himself said way back in the day, "A special effect without a story is boring". And that's what I was when I watched the films, bored. If it wasn't for John Williams' incredible scoring, I would not have felt any emotions whatsoever during those films.
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