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I guess we will see. Question I pose to you is this:

In MMOs where skimpy male gear was made available to use how often was it utilized? Not very my friend.
Oh I don't know, seen plenty of male skimpiness in Tera for example (ok bad example, all gear is pretty much skimpy in that game) and Ive seen plenty of relaxed jumpsuit jackets on male chars recently in Swtor.

Anyway, about 90 % of the pics in this thread aren't serious "I want this ingame NOW", more about having fun. I don't really think str8 confident males have an issue with male skimpiness at all... Conan the Barbarian wasn't exactly a chickflick and Arnold ran around in furry hotpants most ot the time.

I think BW is doing the male skimpyness in the right way. The covert torso energy armor was a good start and the relaxed jumpsuit jacket a good follow up. Now we just need some skimpy pants.
The Male Eyecandy thread!

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