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Decent Lethality snipers destroy stealthers, so even the stealth counters us statement is only partially true
Yep. Pretty much. People always say a Sniper can never win against stealth. Well. I must fight totally garbage stealthers (doubt it) cause I have absolutely no problems against them. Maybe they are a problem for MM/Leathality. But playing as Engineering, I outlast their burst.

Anyways. Yes. Sniper is not as hard to play as a lot of people make it out to be, especially MM and Lethality. Engineering took a bit to get used to, but still isnt that difficult. I forsee a lot of people rerolling to Sniper/Gunslinger. We were strong before 2.0. We are only getting stronger in 2.0. Im not afraid to say it. Every class gets its OP/FOTM time. 2.0 may well be Snipers/Gunslingers time. People say nobody will roll them because they are turret classes. Well. That roll gave us a lot of mobility. That argument no longer applies either.
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