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are snipers really that good after 2.0? hows a carnage marauders dmg compare to a snipers? If sniper do alot more dps I might switch to sniper after I finish my marauders chapter 2. sniper is pretty fun.
Pve? Sent/maraduers are fine in 2 trees.You can do well with just about any class in pve. Hell mercs rock good dps in pve.

PvP? A MM sniper in 2.0 has much more uptime, hits just as hard, and will be visiting the GY a lot less. Both deal physical damage and both can burst on demand like crazy, both have a big group buff. One is very susceptible to CC and being shut down and loses a ton of damage for utility, and one does not. One has a ranged healing debuff, one does not. One has a stupidly far ranged aoe mes, one does not.

Also LOL at these kids ranting about me being fotm. I betad this class before they had portable cover. Then they got cover and it had no global cooldown (that was just awesome), and then they reinstated the global and it became a bit clunky. Still very good (before 2.0).

Newsflash to the dun nerf me brah crowd. When a class gets stupidly OP? Lot's of people are going to roll them. Eventually it will be nerfed. I am helping to expedite that process.

If you don't like it? I don't care. In fact I hope these rerolls are better snipers then you, and most of them probably are. It will make Bioware/EA have second thoughts about these buffs, that much quicker, and maybe we won't have another year of people crying mainly about one class...
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