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03.23.2013 , 04:17 PM | #1
I am wondering if I am missing something here. It seems very convenient to upgrade armor and weapons with everything except for the weapon crystals. I mean, there are credit and commendation vendors for armoring, mods, enhacements and barrels. But nothing for the crystals.

Is this actually the case or am I missing something? It seems the only way to upgrade your crystal is to:
-rip it from a dropped, purchased or mission reward item
-craft it yourself
-buy it on GTN
-find it in cartel packs

I see that a +41crit crystal comes in cartel packs and is usable by lvl 10? I mean, really? I have a stable of 20+ characters and they're all running around with crapola +4 endurance crystals or something like that. Have I just flat out missed the "Crystal Ship" here somehow?