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Actually it's not that bad.

DG = new Tionese
Arkanian = new Columi
Underworld = new Rakata

66 Blues/148 rated= New Tionese (minimum for stepping into level 55 flashpoints)
DG/150 rated = A little better than the new tionese but obsolete, just something better to do L55 flashpoints with.
66 Purples/Basic gear/156 rated = New Columi (minimum for stepping into L55 SM ops)
Arkanian/Black market/162 rated= New Rakata (minimum for stepping into L55 HM ops)
Underworld/Verpine/168 rated= New Campaign (BiS and will probably be minimum for stepping into TFB NiM).
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!