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Just joined the game the other day. Rolled up a sentinal on Shadowlands, have got it to about lvl 12 so far iirc.
Players in general chat have been pretty friendly and helpful so far, but I've yet to find anyone that wanted to form a group and roam around.

Then again my laptop doesn't quite meet the minimum system requirements, so I tend to lag a bunch on load screens and when a lot of other people are in the area. lol
Doubt there would be many people willing to deal with a really slow n00b.
I am new to SWTOR too. Rolled a Jedi Seer on Shadowlands, but problem during the week is that I myself sit in Europe. So I could prolly not join you during the week. But on weekends I am more than happy to team up with someone who does not need/want to just race through all the content. I have a friend on SL, and we do some stuff together (you are welcome to join us!), but he is leveling several other toons, and his Jedi Shadow is on hold on Coruscant atm. So, I am like you, looking for relaxed groups / people to play with. I want to learn my class optimally, and methinks that is easier when one is actually talking, and not only racing through Heroics, FP, and such. So, in short, will whisper you when I see you on My toon is called Taruh, welcome to find me as well
And to the thread in general: This game is crazy expensive, so I am not sure I stay a subscriber (bought a 2 month non-recurrant sub to check it all out). But I have to say, I am having a blast here. I am planning on starting other chars soon, to see other professions, other stories, the other faction, and maybe other servers. So far I have not seen another game that lets me have toons with my US friends, and others on a european server as well. Huge plus for me! So I am in discussion with the Financial Minister at home