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6 months? 2weeks to lvl 50,rinse and repeat.Every 6 months add another 12 lv 50's.After a year you can then brag about having 30+ lvl 50's.Congratulations you are master of the star wars universe /badge.Next mmo plz.
Bad exaggeration is bad.

Judging by the current experience, which does slow post 30, you will be putting a significant amount of time into each character to reach max level. Then you will have endgame content to explore, PVP, etc.

It may be possible to have a handful of max level characters within a few months. That isn't a problem, it is a blessing. Now you can experience endgame Flashpoints, Ops, etc with DIFFERENT characters. Hoth, this may even help alleviate some of the problems other MMOs have with class diversity. Oh we need a healer? Let me hop on my Sage. We need a tank? Let me play my Guardian. I feel like PVPing? Let me hop on my Shadow.

I feel like the leveling experience early is fast, to get you to the good stuff. This will be especially relevant when you decide to roll more characters. This current format is forgiving of experimentation as well. Maybe you've leveled a Shadow to the mid 20's and HATE it. No big deal, you've invested a few days/weeks. You can reroll and explore something more suited to your style. Rather than grind out a character for MONTHS just to finally reach the endgame, and become bored with it already.

In this case, more options is better. Cool your jets, and experiment some. The system favors it.
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