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People will tell you this class is "too hard" to become fotm, and "too awkward" to become flavor of the month or to get nerfed in 2.0, and as someone who had a watchman sent, and scrapper scoundrel? I can tell you they are wrong about a great many things.

This guide is intended to help you become a 35 yard ranged, uninterruptable, unchargeable carnage marauder, combat sent, and or a 35 yard uninterruptable, unchargeable madness sorc, and to do it with the least keys possible.

At first this class may seem daunting by the time you hit 40ish. For people that played warriors in the "stance dance days" of WoW? It is second nature.

The first toolbar is the money toolbar for hotkeys. Why do I say that? Because You have a cover bar and a non cover bar.

If you are pressing a cover button and THEN pressing that instant snipe on another key? You are doing it wrong. Same with your knockback. Same with your single target bomb. Simply drag take cover (the non roll one) to the same button you intend to use when in cover. For instance if the 6 key (6 and onward should all be mapped to mouse buttons, scroll up's down's, since they are hard to reach), is bound to snipe in your cover bar? In the non cover bar make that a take cover button and bind it to left mouse click.

Now? For instant burst on the move? Click the button twice. Now you have a follow through shot ready. Bam bam.

I also like to bind my roll to cover on the knockback (on non cover bar) and put it on something like middle mouse. This is a great tool for escaping atm, and hitting the left mouse key, then middle key, works great, and you now have both covers bound with the least amount of keys.

Gaming equipment. You don't need a Razer Naga. Any logitech g500 will do. The tiltwheel is boss. Control, shift modifers makes it better then a naga (IMO) with easier to reach/hit buttons. Mouse scroll up and down should never be on zoom in/out for pvp. This is a possible 6 easy to reach keybinds with control/shift modifiers. Bind zoom in /out to something like the arrow keys, when you want to zoom in on Risha's behind.

Class story? Both scoundrel/agent probably had the best stories in the game imo. Enjoy it. Both make sense as light and dark side (unlike the BH, which made no sense as lightside).

Vs other snipers (there is going to be a lot of them). Dodge isn't something to be used "whenever". Save this for big hitting shots, channels vs other snipers and for the 1 carnage marauder that the other team brings for group sprint.

The AOE. When stacking snipers and playing a melee heavy team? Stacking, can be fun. Throw this on the ground x 2 or x3, put up entrench and stagger group shields and laugh as the melee kill themselves. On objective games? Use this on the door/cap nodes. Even if you are about to die? An entrench orbital strike saves that cap.

The knockback/flashbang. These can hit at the same time (why I have no idea perhaps the game engine). Use this to your advantage in void star when capping a door. Stun/ legshot the one hero who is the try hard. Sometimes it is better to knockback then bang. Depends on if you are lethality or MM (dat mm root). Also? Remember this aoe CC? Can be used from FAR away. Don't be afraid to use it early to make people pop trinkets (and then watch them get absolutely wrecked), and on the 4-5 people on your huttball carrier. They will be wondering how they just got CC'd, but they don't know that you are a 35 yard range carnage marauder. Simpletons...

Get the high ground. If you aren't? It is the carnage marauders fault for not buffing group sprint. The idiot thought he was leet dps also. Replace him.

How to counter the calls for nerfs. Memorize these statements.

1. "We aren't a free kill anymore". An oldie but a goodie.
2. "Only the best players stayed with this horrible class, which is why we are now OWNING everyone".
3. "Other classes were OP, it was their time, it is our time now, OUR TIME (say it with the passion of Mikey from Goonies *breathes in asthma medicine".
4. "Stealth counters us". Now this is actually true, but are these stealth ranked viable? If someone asks that question, tell him to learn to play, call him a baddie etc.

Anyways. This class was really fun and challenging, about a month ago, before I optimized keybinds etc. Now it is kind of boring. I have no idea why it is getting these buffs, but whatever. In before rage, blah blah. I could care less. Just saying it how it is, and wanted to help those people who may have been roadblocked to also being FOTM, due to keybinds etc.
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