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03.22.2013 , 05:50 PM | #1
hello guys! i just became a level 50 a few days ago and i was wonder how to get better gear so i can do better in pvp matches. i got my first tionese set and so i thought i was going to be so awesome because it kicked the butt out of my original set so i tried pvp but my goodness lv 50 unranked is sooo much tougher then normal 10-49 o.o (DUH). everyone has like 18k+ and kicking butt while i have barley 14k and lost every match and each time they all blame me for the lame gear and and being bad i really want to get better gear but idk how or were to get them at. I see pvp gear at the fleet but i dont have enough warzone points in getting the armor so whats the easiest way to get better gear so i can rock in pvp matches(and well anything else in general lol...)?