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03.22.2013 , 04:26 PM | #1195
Let me start by saying, I never had the game completely crash, quit the game, and dump me on my desktop until recently... can't remember exactly but within the last few weeks. Before that it would minimize to desktop randomly and I would just have to click on the bar on the bottom and wait a minute for it to reload and put me back where I was. It didn't happen often, maybe once every other day or so, but it would force my desktop to go to the lowest resolution and push all my desktop shortcuts to the side
I have always used the Harbinger Server (I have in the last couple days created a character on the Ebon Hawk(?) and have had no crashes.)
I've only actively been playing a few (Sadurwi, Bellalie, and Shanay) and it has happened on all of these.
It seems to crash to desktop at least once every time I play, at random intervals, while fighting, while in conversation with a npc, while crafting, etc. I have not had it happen in a flashpoint, but have not put in a large amount of time in flashpoints to say if that is relevant. I have been able to log back in and my character will be where I left her and able to continue on, after each crash.


I had to cut a large chunk of data off the bottom of this report due to exceeding posting length on this forum.