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And then there are those who entirely try to "break away from the Empire's way of thinking" and be so UN-Sith like it hurts! And that sure some rules and laws do apply, but they stick to their own little world and forget that they have the tools of the universe at their disposal and should abide by them. If a Sith kills his Master, by right of the law, he is granted the title of Lord and cannot be openly killed in public for doing only what he was trained to do. Sure those who cared about the master can send assassins and etc etc, but technically law does state Sith Apprentices assume the mantle of Lord if they succeed in killing their master.

And the ones that REAAALLY make me laugh are the ones like the Harbingers of the Sith'ari who act like Jedi (and in some cases ARE Jedi converts) and say they are still Imperials. Bullcrap. I can't stand when people don't use the lore to their disposal on top of being ******s.
that is not what the harbingers of sithari do... at all actually, get your facts straight before you post