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So basically the first boss you fight, the first green that is dropped on the new planet..will be better than the best in slots you have now.

Oh, so you've been in the Closed PTS and played on Makeb and saw this happen? No?

The sky isn't falling, Chicken Little. Here, read this.

1. Makeb drops Basic Commendations.
2. Basic Commendations purchase starter Level 55 gear, which is only slightly better than Dread Guard.
3. Basic Commendations have a weekly cap.
4. Level 55 HM FPs can be run in BiS Dread Guard (I've actually done this on the PTS).

Your current BiS is likely to last you most (if not all) of the way through to the end of Makeb. Arkanian is the next significant level of gear and it drops from the new end-game.