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03.22.2013 , 07:13 AM | #349
well i guess I'm one of the rare people who got hooked by the f2p. I actually bought the game for a modest 15$ when f2p was announced, got a free month, and then 2 months as preferred. I think the f2p was designed for people who wants to play single-player and love Bioware's other RPGs (with the bonus of grouping once in a while). In a sense, I think it'great, for 15$ I get access to 8 single-player storylines, totalizing close to 800 hrs of content.. I re-subscribe because of the double XP weekend (so as not to be limited by -25% exp gain as f2p), so I think Bioware is doing something right. Again, not sure if i'm in the minority here.

As an MMO and end-game content, f2p fails obviously, unless you start paying for purple equipment authorization, but then again, limited to 3 flashpoint rolls, no operation, limited warzone.....etc....