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12.21.2011 , 06:17 AM | #16
I'm not saying that there isn't too much xp but I had the same thought in beta until I hit lvl 30 and 40 and everything slowed down. if I by then I skipped any quests in beta i was under leveled by the low 40s. also I would believe that it is designed so that you don't have to do everything to stay at the proper level. so if you do everything you will be over leveled. also I'm sure that this sort of thing isn't very easy for the devs to balance properly since it really is just your preference that you would rather be level 10 instead of lvl 12. personally I don't find it to be that much of a problem.

also remember that not everyone playing this game has been playing mmos for the last 20 years or so. they might not find it that easy or straight forward. but the game just launched and they will be making many many changes.