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Well as a new player coming in their first mmo due to the love we all gave for the saga. They get instantly harassade on their first planets. "That used to be a time of fun and oh im a newb and no one cared. I have seen the worst people on these planets with far superior gear they payed for from months of selling telling these people they must suck if they cant defeat this or that and acting like they are superior when they are in fact overcompensating. wow your killing alot and overgeared on a beginner planet lets brag and treet our fellow new players like dirt. Oh and i know the usual but this is bad for the game. we need the in flux of players. we dont need the unwarranted cockiness of some bigots fighting on starting planets like losers. if you work on an alt and see or hear it. SAY something. report or just tell em to **** and help a new player idc but its important... Icefang.
are you that person who was almost in tears because nobody would group with you and kill everything for you through all of the solo content so you wouldn't have to? the first planets are to learn game mechanics. you really should run the solo content by yourself so you can figure out how to swing a lightsaber and how the game works. my experience is, if you have a question about gear or mechanics someone will likely try to help. your just complaining about someone not holding your hand and running your story for you.

it does get harder, so if you're unable to beat a silver or gold of your level with a companion helping you, you probably need to figure out why and try again. then, move on to the next planet when you're ready.