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03.22.2013 , 04:55 AM | #341
I was a subscriber and then I stopped playing for awhile and came back as a preferred status player. I was shocked by the changes to the game and how little freedom I had as a non-subscriber. I really don't think things like toggling helmets on and off, matching armor colors, displaying titles (that you earned by investing time in the game), sharing gear and currency between alts, and medical probes should have to be purchased from the Cartel Market. I think these particular changes to the game are ridiculous. Most of these things come standard with any other MMO and I think SWTOR is going to antagonize a lot of people by denying these features to free-to-play players.

I can understand selling cosmetic items through the Cartel Market like special gear skins, vehicles, pets, race change, racial unlocks, etc.--a lot of other MMO's charge for similar items, but expecting people to pay real currency for features that come free with most other free-to-pay MMO's isn't good business. You may make a little extra money early on, but eventually people are going to navigate to other free-to-play games that don't put as many restrictions on game play.

Free-to-play needs to be revamped.