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How long are you waiting for pops? Is there a healthy balance Imp / Rep or does one faction loldominate?

Depending on what happens to the APAC servers (annoucement 'within the week') I may be one of many refugees trying to find the right server and while I very much enjoy RP I definitely prefer PvP to PvE content.
Pops don't take long at all, 50s or pres. Tonight we were getting pops well into the AM every couple minutes. In terms of faction balance, I cant speak much for the pres since the balance there is usually which faction has the most higher levels at that point in time. 50 pvp I would say is about 60-40 in favor of the republic. The repubs have more pvp focused guilds than the imps and their pugs are usually pretty good. Impside, we have one large pvp guild and a few smaller ones. Our pugs aren't as good as the repub pugs, but lately they have been getting better.

As for RP, both factions seem to have a healthy RP community from what I have seen, although I do not RP myself.
PVE wise the repubs definitely have the advantage with guilds like DoA and ASB being amongst the top this server has to offer.
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