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All I'm saying is that the GTN nor the complimentary coins should ever be used as an excuse to allow the core game to starve. Precious little isn't earmarked for the CM, these days. It has become a focal point of the game because of justifications like these instead of a supplemental system.
I think we have yet to see the promised dividends because of content lead times and integration time regarding the hiring of new employees(pretty much the only resource increase that will substantially change a game development team's rate of progress).

The CM is obviously getting quite a lot of resources, but so far its been things that can be done rather quickly(lots and lots of reskins and duplicate items). Creating a few dozen items will always be faster and easier than creating a new operation or warzone.

I think we'll only really have a clear view on where the game is going a few months after RoTHC. With the news largely being centered around the expac, the team hasn't given us as much knowledge about future content as we are used to(usually we know 6-8 months in advance, examples being heroic space missions, every operation thus far, Cathar, Makeb itself, HK-51 Hypergates, etc.). Whereas post RoTHC, we don't have the foggiest idea what 2.1 will be.
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