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So, yeah.

I think they could do this in a way that makes subscribers happy while still making money from the cartel market.

But without knowing exactly how it will all work, it's hard for me to say. Would it be a thing where it basically brings the character creation screen back up, or will it be a totally different interface, a place you can actually go to? Would they sell "recustomization tokens" that you could redeem at these places?

If there were different levels of tokens that they sold that did different levels of customization, they could do something like have certain kinds of tokens available from the security key vendor, the CE/VIP vendors. For just the more basic things. Then for more complex things like body shape, tattoos, scars, gender/species change, those could be CM exclusives.

I'm just trying to think of ideas here

Or like I said before, give subscribers some ways to *earn* ccs in game (beyond the achievements), even if small amounts.
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