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Hey, cheers BadOrb. Not twisting anything. I'm trying to be realistic in my expectations. My "expectation" was 6-week targets (because that's what they said it would be), to which I'd assume some would slip a week or 2 (hence 8). Now I'm being told their target is 8-weeks...In an attempt to once again remain realistic, I'll assume most will slip a week or 2 to where 9-10 weeks becomes the new norm. Hopefully I'm wrong...but I doubt I am and I'll bet you in-game creds we never see 6 again.
Ah I get you now sorry for the late reply , I was on Quesh for 3 and a half hours. Yeah I guess it has gone from 4 weeks to 8 weeks , but that has been the case for a few months really. Still lets hope it doesn't slip more like you say 8-9 weeks between updates , sorry guys its now guaranteed every 10 weeks , i hope you are wrong , or your prediction is wrong.

Hmmmm , well I want a new planet every year at least or i will be bored , I'm not demanding just stating a fact


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