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Hey everyone!

I have an update of sorts, or at least an update on an update. As many of you will likely read in Jeffís State of the Game blog we are actively working on a plan for the APAC servers. I know this is something we have said to you a couple of times and what you are really looking for are the details. I donít have those for you yet today, but, I will definitely have them for you next week. I am even confident in saying that you will have them earlier in the week as opposed to later.

I know it isnít the details you wanted just yet but we are finalizing them now and you can look for them next week! I really appreciate you all continuing to be patient with us.

Super excited to see the solution next week, even early next week.

Finally an answer, hopefully a merger with trasfers available to the APAC super server (and off at a later date).
But just to have an answer is great.
Looking forward to it after 8 months of waiting.

Thanks Eric

Oh and just a heads up Eric...get your fire retardant suit patched this weekend, someones bound to be unhappy.

Oh and another heads up... if there is no solution provided next week, we are coming for you ...we willl pass the hat around, hire a 747 and 400 APAC players are coming to your office, I have my nerf bat ready man...
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