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(4) Ancient Hypergates: PvPers were asking for a deathmatch, and they got one. The doors are so long that if you start losing ground at mid, you're pretty much screwed, but you can't really back out because that allows orbs (4 orbs = a complete wipe of the team in points) to be captured. It's possible to do work at the sides if you have some extra stealthers. Pretty interesting match.
I don't think this is quite right, but maybe I can learn something. all you need is a sniper, a couple of offensive pulls and a sorc pull. snipers range every other class, so as long as the sniper can reach the farthest orbs while in cover just outside the doorway, all you gotta do is protect him. if they stun him and you don't pull the stunner/puller who comes in range, just sorc pull your sniper right back. since your whole team is essentially outside of middle, it's more or less impossible to ninja the node on them. I've seen this scenario play out numerous times, and the only thing that affected it seemed to be players' mutual distaste for the boring tactic. but at a high level, you're not going to let lameness/boredom trump victory.

I think this turns into the worst friggin WZ in the bunch. at least the "useless" dm at mid in cw let's you do something.

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