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It depends what type of tank you are. As a Shadow you can solo tank this quite easily, when he cast Thermal Tolerance (TT) you Force Cloak -> taunt. That interrupts the cast, and gets him back with 1 stack of increased damage. This isn't required in SM but works and can be practiced there. First lot of adds can be AoEd down easily if you pop Deflection while tanking them. When the second lot of adds appear have a DPS or offtank kite them while you pull out 1 at a time with taunt. I like to use a Vanguard DPS for this since Mortar Volley and the target AoE taunt make it really easy to kite them.

As a Guardian or Vanguard you need another solution to TT. After a bit of practice you can still solo tank it as one of these classes but you need to know when TT is coming so you can preemptively get to a pillar and LOS as soon as it channels. Too slow and you end up with multiple stacks making it a lot harder, too soon and he does a raid wide heavy hitting AoE. Alternatively you use 2 tanks, and when TT starts the active tank pops a CD (or 2), is spam healed by the healers and the second tank picks up Xeno. It's also advisable to combine this with a LOS to break the channel early. If using 2 tanks, the tank with the debuff kites the second adds while the other tank pulls out 1 at a time. The first adds are tanked by the tank without the debuff.

Personally, I think Xeno is a really badly designed fight since it is VASTLY easier with a Shadow than either of the other 2. Seriously its not even in the same ballpark. Also 16m is noticeably easier than 8m with better rewards.
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