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Tell me why you'd need to change your character's look like 50 times in a month. I don't see a problem in CC because you get monthly grants. Stick with what look you want after you get to change it.
Because nobody likes to change hairstyles, right? If only we could all be as vanilla as you.

Barber shop for CC is another way of Bioware saying "Give us MOAR money". Being a subscriber is a rip-off. If you really want the truth, this "F2P" model should be run like this. What Preferred currently get should be what F2P players get. What Subscribers currently get should be what Preferred players get. And what the whales on the Cartel Market receive should be what subscribers get. Instead the motto over at Bioware is "Monetize Everything". It kind of reminds me of the movie "Moving" with Richard Pryor where he's going through the house and the sellers keep telling him jokingly, "We're taking that with us" when referring to the pool, refrigerator, etc. Then when he finally gets to the house, the pool, refrigerator, and everything else they joked they were taking is gone. You'd like to think that this model and the way they're going about things are a joke, but it's not. It's the sad truth. Don't worry folks, P2W will be in your local Cartel Market shortly.