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I wanted to pop in and address some of your concerns about our barbershop and its use of Cartel Coins and not credits. There are a couple of design implications that go into these decisions I wanted to highlight in the hopes that it makes our decision in this regard a bit clearer.
  • We very consciously design these systems around the fact that subscribers get monthly Cartel Coin grants. Pricing, etc. has these monthly grants in mind to ensure that our subscribers have access to these systems.
  • We want to set the expectation that cosmetic systems like these are where you are going to see us use the Cartel Market. It is our continued philosophy that we will not implement a form of pay to win so cosmetic systems and other non-game impacting features are our best opportunities to make additions to the Cartel Market.
As we continue to release more information about our barbershop please continue to give us your feedback.

This is spin Eric. The CM stipend was billed as a "loyalty reward" for subscribers. Now it is being used to fund things that should be part of the subscription instead of giving subscribers complete control over said stipend. You are now basically supporting a bait and switch. Instead of doing that if you are going to take our CM stipend back in the form of nickle and diming us for features, why not just simply do away with the stipend and give all the future features as part of the price of the subscription.