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Since you're not a crafter or a GTN broker, you have no arguement.
I am both. I've made far more credits since the Cartel Market launched than I ever did before. All I did was change what segment of the market I focused on. I now sell stims, medpacks, armorings, mods, and enhancements all at a very rapid pace. The "competition" from planetary comm vendors is negligible. The fact that there's so much adaptable, modifiable armor now available to the players has increased the demand for armor mods beyond what I can supply.
I'm literally swimming in credits, thanks to the Cartel market.
Then you present a counterview to Blackavaar. I still believe him at his word. And you can NOT negate my opinion by de facto saying I have no arguement because I admit to being neither a broker or a crafter. I can still way in based on reason. Something that many forget in these forums. I wasn't arguing for or against just positing imperiacl observation based on what I have seen reported in this thread. If you had not started your post with the statement that you did, it would have come of as a nice counterpoint instead of being defensive.