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03.21.2013 , 01:53 PM | #226
Throughout this year and granted we are only three months in I am finding that SWTOR has improved quite a lot. There are more players around on the servers, easy to join groups, an improvement in the PVP content and now with the upcoming 'Rise of the Hutt Cartell' another five levels to gain, different gear and the new bolster feature.

All-in-all it has been an improved game since when it first started. People still have concerns and rightly and that is what the forums are here for so that the developers can look at the content and make changes if possible. I doubt that Bioware will please everyone all of the time with changes but they are certainly trying in my opinion to keep the game afloat as best they can.

I would like to see the game not crashing to the desktop every 2 hours as this is a real pain especially if you are mid way through a flashpoint or in PVP.

If people really are that upset with the game and dislike what it is then why be here and waste time with bad feedback? If you have an issue, post a solution, express yourself but if it is that bad then pick another game and be happier there, it's really that simple.

I'm hoping the content will continue to improve, we have more planets coming on-board and perhaps on the existing planets and opening-up of other areas to explore. In terms of PVP content it would be far better if the re-spawn times were reduced as this interrupts the game flow. I'd also like to see PVP space combat between the empire and the republic, the capturing and/or the destroying of capital ships etc. It would be good to see warzones on Korriban /Coruscant etc. I doubt the PVP will ever reach the fast paced action of a FPS but that's the trade-off with MMO's I've found.

An improvement in crafting skills and what you can craft would be good (below and above level 50), better spaceship combat and space exploration and farming resources from asteroids might add something new to the GTN. Having an ability to add more points into a skill could make the character more proficient or devastating in say sabre combat, healing etc.

I hope over this next year Bioware content to improve the game.