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03.21.2013 , 01:49 PM | #222
Not sure if this has been mentioned. The Cartel packs, would be better (at least for me) to have a set type (theme) of items, not random from a pool of different things, and this be a discounted price than if each items was sold separate. I would rather spend money on few things I want, and not on the hope of getting it along with stuff I don't want..

As far as content, endgame is a big issue with some, however along with that, creating more early game content, side guest etc. would create more replay options. Create "type" only quest, these would only be active for a class, race, sex and even level. Also the same quest giver may give out different quest based on the same, This may be an issue for groups, unless it is triggered by the leader of the group.