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03.21.2013 , 01:29 PM | #213

Wow so the focus is on MORE cartel market developments. The whole development reeks of trying to milk the game as much as they can get before it dies. Cartel markets flood everything these days. Can't make any more money crafting because its a thousand times cheaper on GTN due to the infernal cartel market. How about making content for the actual paying players of the game.

Cathar should be part of the regular content; not cartel market unlockable. Dropping a nightmare difficulty on us with a few new mechanics does not count as new content when a player has been camping a few months there already, I am slowly seeing the same trend when as when Sony started the SW Galaxies death spiral. I do hope I am wrong. and the major content every 6 weeks comes back. Ya know instead of the 'new cartel crap every 2-4 weeks'.

Yes I love the game.. I have 10 level 50's before. Hoping this MMO is gonna stay but heck I am beginning to dout it.
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