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Mr. Hickman is right. SWTOR is a better game now and all servers (at least North American) are in a very healthy state. BW's effort late last year was a step in the right direction.

However, I am not very excited about Makeb and 2.0, and the expansion seems to be taking things backward (not even sideways). I pre-purchased Makeb on day one when it became available, but since 2.0 hit the PTS I have felt nothing but disappointment and malaise in regard to what's coming in that expansion.

I primarily PvP and Makeb includes nothing for me as a player in that regard. While I appreciate that this is a PvE game first, one would figure that an expansion would include something significant for all aspects of gameplay; PvE, PvP, Crafting, Space. The only portion of this game receiving any real attention is PvE in the form of leveling, FPs and Ops.

I would have been happy receiving just one more WZ. Instead we will be getting a broken Bolster mechanic (not one iteration of the mechanic has worked correctly on the PTS), some terrible class rebalancing, and a new gear grind that won't even be necessary with the implementation of the Bolster mechanic.

While I appreciate that "quality of life" in game needs to be improved, changes of that nature don't get me jazzed. In fact, I feel even more disappointment that there is nothing on the plate for PvP in the future beyond xpac release based on the State of the Game comments.

Now while I primarily PvP, I also do a great deal of PvE. I have 10 Alts and 6 50s with all of my Alts capped out in crafting. I only have two stories left to experience and already have Alts that I'm leveling for that purpose. I have also done HM EV, KP, Denova and Asation to experience that content. So I PvE for the story, but will be done with all of the stories once I hit 50 on my remaining alts. Since Makeb does not provide any extension of class stories, I can pretty much guarantee that I will only be taking three of my toons to 55, my two Imp mains that run RWZ PvP and one of my Pub 50s (just to experience that faction's story).

I really love the fact that SWTOR managed to turn things around last year. I am also happy that you guys are making a ton of money through the Cartel Market. I have no misgivings or ill feelings toward the CM since my experience has benefitted greatly since its implementation. I have even purchased some of the Legacy unlocks with my Cartel Coins and find them quite useful, along with some of the Cargo Bay and Inventory Module Account-wide unlocks.

I was an EGA player and have been paying a monthly sub since the launch of this game. I'm not threatening to leave the game or anything, just providing some feedback on what I'm seeing as the state of the game for the very near future based on what has been on the PTS for Makeb. I want to play this game for years. I want to keep giving BW my money in those years to come. However, I just don't see anything upcoming that's going to keep me engaged given my preferences and playstyle for longer than a month or two. Maybe I'm missing something.
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