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Keep in mind those 2mm new accounts will include accounts that never get used. Overall, in game population does feel more robust than it did in the darkest days of Spring 2012. But again, a lot of the accounts are F2P and are sub-50. Even amongst those that are lev 50, they are restricted in how often they can partake in warzones. It may very well be that 5 F2P accounts with lev 50 toons are required to generate as much lev 50 warzone activity as a single subscribing account with lev 50 toons.
this is true. would be interesting to see the stats on how many F2P players are buying PvP passes, or have converted to paying subs. i doubt bioware will give us that info tho. judging by the state of the game, it doesnt look like theyre interested in telling us anything of real substance
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