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Well with 400k people in the game, even a deeply unpopular class like Merc/Commando dps will still get ~2% of the people playing it. Which is still (for the sake of argument), maybe 8,000 people. So it will still get played. It will still show up in wz. But only the fanatically committed to the class will be left on the pvp side. These will be the very best Merc/Commandos who can still hold their own, making up for class impotence with player skill. Which of course, from a meta average statistics standpoint will simply confirm to BW that the Merc/Commando class is fully viable and in fact requires further "rebalancing".

So in an ironic twist, the fewer people playing Merc/Commando, the more likely BW is to continue nerfing it. The only door out is to have a ton of people start playing Merc/Commando, do horribly at it and thus bring down the Merc/Commando meta averages. Which sadly isn't going to happen since all the new 50's know not to use the class in pvp.

So I am ambivalent about your proposal to have people stop playing Merc/Commando. If they do, the class is even more doomed than it is already. But at least people will have a better game experience. It is a Stygian morass that Merc/Commando is stuck in. I do not think there is an escape. This should have been obvious months ago, but like ever optimistic children, we toiled forwards under the promise of better changes ahead. I think we all know better now.
Excellent use of the word Stygian.

Also, much as I'm still ambivalent about meta averages being their sole guiding light when it comes to balance, I agree completely with the general sentiment you're expressing.

Lets be honest though, the only people who we NEED to get to play Merc/Commando are the devs. If that happened I have a feeling they'd be fixed in a week.
In update 2.9 the game will simply uninstall itself for you.