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As for RoHC? Well, there is no question that a lot is invested in the success of the xpac. I think it will, in large part, set the course for the year. So... we will see. One thing that is still not clear, are the Cathar part of the expansion or not? It seems like they should be, but I have heard or seen it clearly defined.

In general a positive message. Thanks for the update. But a great deal remains to be seen with regard to the success of the game this year.
Cathar were announced a long time ago. My theory is it got swept under the rug because they didn't figure the logistics too well (i.e. would people be allowed to switch toons to new races, only apply to new characters). This I think is the only real solution to that. Seems like a small inconsequential thing, but new races and the ability to change is probably on my high end of things I wanted to see happen. Curious as to how far they'll go with that in terms of just changing skins or essentially let you re-create your character down to body and facial features.