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He said a whole lot of nothing. Playable content seems to be a secondary focus at this point. Post-Makeb production will focus on quality of life? Have you ever seen how quickly MMO players consume content? The production should focus on additional content AND quality of life.

You're adding a barbershop feature to the game, but gating it through the Cartel Market. Why shouldn't players be able to change their appearance using in-game credits? I understand charging for a racial change.

Pretty uninspired state of the game address. Take some passion in what you guys do, or has EA beaten the creativity out of you?
I agree, sounds like they have no content planned after makeb, and those 5 levels will be had quickly and back to nothing to do by a lot of people, out of those 2 million ACCOUNTS, what % logs in and plays, accounts do note equal players, all in all state of the game #3 is a big let down, and does not give me hope for the future.. /sigh
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