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Does anyone else not find it disappointing that they are putting all these resources into something we have to pay EXTRA for...? This stuff SHOULD be obtainable in-game (and no, buying from the GTN doesn't count) through achievements or other means without having to waste more than $15 a month on tokens for something that we have only a chance at getting, like was said before.
I am agreed with you on this i just got back to the game i thought it was ok that they went F2P and all that. But for us that pay Sub on the game why should we have to pay for all the kool thing on this so call cartel market. Subs players should have the opportunity to obtain this items via quest drops or other means that does not involve paying extra. Don you all think is good enough we are providing a very steady income to BW of $15.00 US dollars per month. Now if everyone go and buy this stuff from the Cartel market BW will be implementing more of this thing. This is just a beginning of another good game going down due to greed.