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My main worry is that after Makeb Qol will be the focus. Qol inprovements should be an ongoing effort. The focus after the first digital expansion should be on the second expansion. Or are we going into WAR-esque maintenance mode?

Good to hear about 2mil new accounts created since f2p. Rest if the blog tho... not exactly inspiring stuff.
Don't take the 2 mil new accounts thing too literally. It may not mean anything like 2 million new players.

I personally was responsible for 3 of those new accounts. I created characters to group up to make a guild. Other than that, those accounts will never be played.

There may be others out there like me.

There may be even more who tried it through part of their capital world, grew frustrated by the punitive f2p restrictions on UI capabilities, and quit.

RETENTION is the key. How many accounts logged in and played more than an hour in the last week? And the last month? And how does that change week-over-week and month-over-month?

They're never going to tell you that, because it's probably not a very positive number.