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03.21.2013 , 10:09 AM | #93
Its good that you can admit things were bad 6 months ago, its just a shame if you think new accounts and new sign ups means anything in this game at the moment.

The Current content is boring, your last content up date of reputation is lacking in anything new to do, it just added rewards for redoing what we had already done but didn't get credit for.
There is no Open world PvP so more people coming in adds very little to the PvP aspect of the game expect to make the grinding of PvP points quicker through warzones but to what end?
You have nearly no guild options or reasons for guilds to exist outside of running Ops, but you do nothing that benefits the guild from this, no guild cities, ships or even perks.

You talk about changing species via the barber shop, I have no problem with but all the Species are the Same. Its a various coloured Human, after Cathar which have taken far too long to bring in can we see some real Species brought into the game and allow us to play them.

When are we going to start seeing this game live up to its Star Wars potential, at the moment it feels very bland, unimaginative, tired and lacking in a great many much needed and much requested features and content. You touch on people being interested in what is happening over at Bioware Austin and for good reason. It feels like very very little with long waits for little content and lots of new stuff in the Cartel market. Take a quick look at the competition Star Trek online has a free expansion coming adding a 3rd faction while Elder Scrolls Online is looking to dynamic combat in a beautifully rendered world full of different races. BW needs to start bringing new and exciting game play options in and not just trying to wrince the playerbase of every last buck.