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03.21.2013 , 10:07 AM | #87
He mentioned using cartel coins- doesn't mean it'll ONLY be cartel coins. I'm willing to bet you'll have the option of using cartel coins or you can use credits after a certain legacy level, ala Legacy unlocks. However, lets assume it is something that you can only buy on the market, like a consumable. Then it'll be something that people can still buy then put up on GTN for people who don't want to use cartel coins, just like just about every other thing on the market. Can we please take a chill pill and not blow up simple statements in a general update he probably wrote in 5 minutes into something monumental until we get more concrete details? The man shouldn't need three editors and a lawyer present every time he writes a quick statement to the fans.

Aaaaaaand let the flaming commence!